5 reasons for sharing housing in Medellín

You may not have considered the option of shared housing for your accommodation in Medellin but here’s why you should at least think about it

1. You arrive alone but you do not stay alone

Thanks to the opportunities offered by the city, the arrival of young professionals is increasing.

Many new people from all corners of Colombia and the world, come with the motivation to adapt themselves to the culture and that is why the importance of sharing housing in Medellín.

A very important aspect is the loneliness.

However, this feeling is momentary and for this reason there is no need to worry.

It is very likely that your first contact will be with the people who you will live with, and generally the relationship with them will define many of the dynamics that you have here in the city.

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Time and coexistence will do their job and in what you least expect, your roommates will become your social nucleus.

This means that many activities will be done with them, for example: make a preview before going to the party or share a Sunday afternoon.

Sharing housing in Medellín helps to make a lot of sense of company.

But it also helps to meet new people all the time, because your friends will also have friends outside of VICO and you too.

Getting together with the other groups will be inevitable.

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2. Divide costs and you will save.

Once you have the budget of your expenses, you can talk with all the friends of the shared housing.

Reaching an agreement on the main needs helps to benefit economically, since the cost of some services or goods are divided depending on the people who live in the VICO.

Another advantage of choosing a VICO to live is that the payment of your room is directly with the landlord or tenant.

So with the payment of your room and the other rooms the services are usually paid, that is to say that this money can be saved for other expenses.

3. Limited space in Medellín (more people and less space) we are in a valley

With almost 4 million inhabitants, the Aburrá Valley is the second metropolitan area of Colombia and the number of people who arrive in the city grows every year.

Due to the geographical characteristics (valley surrounded by mountains) the space in the city is limited and it is not enough to say that the dynamics of the VICOs are perfect for this situation.

More people come to the same space and for this reason the prices of housing increase.

The VICO help to economize everyday life because many people hold the same house.

This model allows the new citizens of Medellin to adapt to alternative ways of living in the city.

For example, you can present your service account to the city authorities and use public bicycles thanks to the Encicla system.

4. Sharing housing in Medellín helps you to get out of the routine

Not all those who inhabit a VICO study in one university. Medellin has a large number of top-level educational institutions.

For this reason, several transport emerged in the city.

MIEO Colombia is a great initiative that brings together many foreign students in Medellín.

Parties, cultural activities, trips, volunteering and many other proposals to socialize, will help you meet students from all universities.

They will surely live in other shared houses, which is why you will also expand your number of friends and contacts around the world.

5. Cooking in company

One of the signs that things flow inside the home, is the relationship in the kitchen.

Not only is it extremely economical cooking with your roommies but it is also fun.

If the tasks are divided, everyone can enjoy an unforgettable and simple dinner.

Finally we hope that with these reasons you have a clearer idea of what you want.

We know that you want to live the experience to the fullest, do not wait to find your room and meet your friends with VICO!

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