How to find a room for rent in Medellin?

Searching for a room for rent in Medellin can be very difficult due to lack of information and trust, especially when you are not in the city to see the room before by yourself.

In this article we will help you to find the best option for you! Before you start looking for a room, you have to make sure, what are you looking for?

The most important criteria for finding a room for rent in Medellin

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1. Do you want to live alone or do you want to share?

If you are looking for yourself, you need an studio apartment or apartment for one person, and if not, you are looking for a shared house (= VICO).

2. Where?

You have to keep in mind that in a city like Medellin traffic can be very heavy sometimes. That’s why we always recommend for looking close to your point of study or work (for example: your university). There are popular neighborhoods among students; here you can read more about their history.

3. How much is your budget?

There are rooms of all prices and types. Once you know how much you want to spend you can start looking. The ranges depend a lot on the area, but you can find a room for rent in Medellin from 300,000 COP  to 2,000,000 COP.

What means can you use to find a room for rent in Medellin?

Una habitación en arriendo en Medellín
Vivir entre amigos es más lindo.  Fuente:


AirBnB Logo en Habitación en arriendo en Medellín
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This platform is one of the best known. AirBnB makes life much easier for all those people who are looking for a way to stay in local homes. It has a very easy search and a super friendly design, but it focuses on tourists and not on people who are looking for a place to live. In addition, its legal situation is not completely defined by the theme of hotels.

Advantages Disadvantages
very popularFocused on tourism
Very easy
More expensive rooms and additional costs by Booking


Logo de CompartoApto en Habitación en arriendo en Medellín

This page is one of the most used to find houses in Medellin. It has a large offer of rooms in any place of the city. Unfortunately the information is not very transparent and specially you have to register yourself before searching, which results in a lot of messages of offers that do not serve you (not to say spam).


a lot of offers Information can be disorganized
Platform in Mobile and Desktop Your information is public for people with plans and they can send  messages to your profile with non-relevant offers

Facebook groups

Logo de Facebook en Habitación en arriendo en Medellín
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The groups of rooms on Facebook are always a good starting point for your search, because there are around 15 groups and each one has between 2,000 – 30,000 people connected. But, at the same time result in a lot of repetition and makes the search difficult because you cannot filter the different posts.


Lots of offer in several groups anywhere in the city. Search can be very difficult because of the lack of filters
Platform in Mobile and Desktop Many groups with hundreds of posts daily
Direct contact with people Very informal


Here you do not find a simple room, but your happiness in your new VICO. All rooms are in a VICO (= Shared housing) and are not for tourists. They are places to stay to live and make new friends in an unknown city. However, it is a new project so coverage in some sectors could be low. Come in and find a room near to your university in a secure VICO with a reliable owner.


Free Lack of coverage in some sectors of the city
Shared Housing: Easy to meet new friends: Students and young professionals Many groups with hundreds of posts daily
Filter by university

Why a VICO?

At VICO we focus on shared housing. We are convinced that in them you will find more than a simple room: your happiness. Arriving in a new city is always difficult, but if you get to a VICO you have contact with new people from the first moment.  And even if you arrive alone, and you are planning to not stay for longer, you will make many new friends.

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