Tips to find the perfect room in Medellin

Looking for room in Medellín? Here are tips to find the perfect VICO and the ideal environment to live this unique experience.

You can follow several basic steps that will save you time and work if it’s your first time in Medellín.

Option 1: Filter by university

The platform VICO is really unique because it allows you to search for a room according to your university.  
For this reason, the first thing you should do is: choose the University where you will study in the search engine. It will immediately show you the closest shared housings in the area.

Homepage of the website to find room in a shared housing in Medellin
Find your room in Medellín with VICO
Homepage of the website to find a room in Medellin. The page offers the option to filter the search by university or neighborhood
University filter to find a room in Medellín on

Option 2: Filter by neighborhood of interest

You could also be in Medellín to work as a professional and thus find little interest in sorting rooms according to universities. Furthermore, some would rather live in a different neighborhood than the one they study/work in.

This is why VICO also allows to select rooms according to the target neighborhood. If you’re not sure which “barrio” of Medellín you should live in, you can check our article about the different characteristics of the main barrios of the city.

Indeed, it is important to choose well the sector that will better suit your needs. It can depend on the cuisine, transports, markets, parks, cafes, bars, clubs or shopping centers.
For example, the UPB university is surrounded by several neighborhoods. San Joaquín, Laureles, Conquistadores and Belen. Each one has its characteristics.
The good thing is that once you’re interested in the photos of the rooms, you can get more information about the area by clicking on the link of the room.

Publicity to find a room in a shared housing in Medellin with VICO

Option 3: Filter by price

Perhaps the most influential factor when choosing a room is the price. You must consider your maximum monthly budget before thinking about any reservation. The price filter on the VICO webpage allows you to select rooms within a price range between 300,000 COP (97USD) and 2,000,000 COP (645USD). However, most rooms in Medellín cost between 500,000 and 1,000,000 COP (160 to 325 USD). You will find this price filter at the top of the page.

Homepage of the website to find a room in Medellin. The page offers the option to filter the search by price.
Find your room in Medellín according to prices on

Now let’s suppose that this is your budget and you like the general information of the VICO. The next step is to find the room you like the most in the house.

Page of a house on with pictures of its different bedrooms and their caracteristics.
Choose your room in Medellín on

The image gallery will show you more photos of each room. You can also look at the exact availability date, which is a very important factor. Finally, you’ll find the monthly price of the room and other extra information such as the features inside the space like, for example, if the room has a private or shared bathroom.

It’s not just a room in Medellín, it’s an environment

When the formal factors have already been analyzed, it is time to think about the environment. In truth, the roommies are the main reason for an experience to be spectacular.

We know that students can occasionally get to know each other before they even get to their room in Medellín. On other occasions, all the people in the VICO create the link from the beginning, during and until the end of the semester.
Many times foreign students arrive at their new city without having a prior idea of ​​those who will be part of the shared housing.
For this reason, the VICO platform also shows the current inhabitants of the VICO, their nationality and their name.

Page of a house in Medellin on with its equipments the profile of the current roommates.
Get to know your future roommates on

By the way, we must not forget about the equipment available in the social areas. In other words, these are the elements you will share with your roommies. With all this information you can already have an idea of the VICO environment.
Later you can find the description of the VICO rules, which are like mutual agreements between the people who live in the shared housing and the administrator.

Page of a house on with the rules to respect in the VICO.

Map and location in the city

Finally, we have a great option for those who use and enjoy applications such as Google Maps. On the bottom of the page you can find the exact location of the VICO on the map of Medellín through Google Maps.

Page of a house in Medellin on with its exact location on GoogleMaps

This will give you a broader perspective of the VICO in relation to the city. Finally, there is nothing left but to wish you good luck searching for your shared home. Medellín is waiting for you and so are we!