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As the co-living community, the co-working spaces are based on sharing. Unified by the same values, VICO teamed up with Circular co-working to give a 10% discount on Circular's monthly plans. Circular created 5 unique co-working buildings in Medellin to develop a happy working community where everyone is inspired and grows in potential.
The buildings all have high-speed wifi, biosecurity, meeting rooms, phone booths, photocopier, kitchen with coffee maker, tea, water, and they are pet-friendly.

Enjoy 10% off Circular co-working's monthly plans in medellin

5 Co-working Spaces, 5 Universes

Cbox Co-working

Carrera 38 # 26-156, La Palmas

This place is unique. From the moment you arrive, you feel in a different world thanks to its atypical structure. It is its architectural game that makes Circular Cbox the coolest coloured containers to work in. Because Circular prefers open spaces to connect, Cbox co-working has great shared spaces full of laughter and stories. However, it also has a lot of private offices and meeting rooms!

Due to its location in a high part of the city, it has a very cool, green, open and rural climate. It has its own forest where the roasts never go missing and the squirrels can be seen passing by. Cbox has great work team where technology, virtuality and audiovisual are mixed to create amazing projects.

Lauret Co-working

Circular 72#39a-22, Laureles-UPB

This circular building has a chic corporate atmosphere. It’s located on the fourth and fifth floors of a new building full of nature in its architectural concept. Here, the atmosphere is modern, youthful, fun and professional. They have a happy colourful common area, call booths for more privacy in your calls, offices of various sizes, a terrace overlooking the city and a large meeting room to exploit your best ideas.

La Casa Redonda Co-working

Circular 72#39a-22, Laureles-UPB

A big yellow door opens to let you discover a world full of colours, friends and future partners. The house has that charming mystery for the most daring minds.  It is for those who want to exploit their creative essence to the fullest. And it is for those who love to talk and do a lot of afterwork! With its universal vibe, the house hosts people from all over the world. They have access to 14 private offices, 3 incredible shared working spaces, a workshop, a bike patio, a meeting room, a chilling room and a terrace. You’ll love it!

Ayurá Co-working

Cl. 26 Sur #48 – 41, El Poblado - Ayurá

Ayurá co-working is the perfect space for those who want something quiet, fresh and with a more traditional tone. But it doesn’t lose the Circular touch! Although it can be the serious brother of the family, it has a very particular charm.  The people who live here bring a very unique and familiar energy. In Circular Ayurá, you will find super comfortable private offices and a fully equipped meeting room equipped. It also has the most patched terrace to share lunch and a good story with your friends of the office. Besides, it has a location that works for everyone because of its easy access to transportation.

Partners Co-working

Calle. 34 # 66B - 93, Laureles - Unicentro

Partners Co-working is Circular’s newest and largest building. It’s a space full of diversity. Its 6 floors have everything you need. First, it’s full of flexible areas and customizable offices. Then, you’ll find meeting rooms and auditoriums to hold the great events. But the favourite floor is the terrace, a perfect resting area with the beautiful view of Medellin. Ah! and lights, it has many neon lights, which give it that Tarantino touch!